Peter Billingsley’s A Christmas Story: From Red Ryder Dreams to Broadway Reality

Meet Peter Billingsley, the face behind A Christmas Story. You might remember him as the kid longing for a Red Ryder BB gun, but today, he’s not just an actor; he’s a director and producer. This timeless 1983 comedy, now a yearly tradition on TBS and TNT, holds a special place in our holiday hearts. Billingsley, who portrayed Ralphie, reflects on the film’s enduring charm, describing it as a cornerstone of many families’ Christmas festivities.

While there’s a sequel, A Christmas Story 2, Billingsley is more invested in the Broadway musical adaptation, where he wears the producer’s hat. The show has seen success in Seattle and Chicago and made its mark on Broadway back in 2012.

A CHRISTMAS STORY, Peter Billingsley, Jeff Gillen, 1983.

Beyond recent acting roles in Four Christmases and Iron Man, Billingsley credits the late director Bob Clark for guiding him. The film’s journey, from a modest start at the box office to a beloved holiday classic, is a tale Billingsley never saw coming. It’s a heartwarming story that continues to enchant audiences every Christmas, proving that some dreams do come true.

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