Tragedy Strikes Prague: Unprecedented Shooting at Charles University Shakes the Nation

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A really sad thing happened on Thursday at Charles University in Prague. A student started shooting on the fourth floor of a building in the philosophy department. The university is in a busy place near the Charles Bridge.

It’s a big tragedy because 14 people lost their lives, and 25 others got hurt. This is the worst thing to happen in the Czech Republic during peacetime, and it’s the first time something like this has happened in a school or college there. The whole country and its leaders are in shock.

On Friday morning, Prague, which was all lively and snowy before, became really quiet and sad. Despite the bad weather with heavy snow and rain, people put together a little memorial with candles and flowers at the university. Even with the tough weather, folks came to pay their respects and share the sadness.

The Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, spoke to the nation on Thursday, saying the shooting was a senseless attack. He mentioned how Christmas will be really sad this time. He said, “Like many of you, I am feeling really sorry and disgusted about this awful and violent thing.” The President, Petr Pavel, also said he feels really sad and angry about the young lives that were lost.

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Pope Francis added his feelings too, saying he is deeply sad about what happened. This tragic event is not just a big deal for Prague; it’s making everyone think about how these sad things affect us all.

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Wounded in a shooting incident at a Prague university are three individuals who are foreign nationals.

As of this Friday, police have taken steps to increase security at schools and other potential “soft targets,” those tricky-to-secure public spots. This precautionary measure will be in place until at least January 1. University administrators are also partnering with police experts to brainstorm additional preventive measures, aiming to enhance safety on and around campuses.

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