Former President Jimmy Carter’s Rare Appearance at Memorial Service for Rosalynn Carter

Ex-President Jimmy Carter, who is 99, went to a special event for his late wife, Rosalynn, in Georgia. This is a rare thing as he’s been in hospice care for 10 months. He wore a dark suit and used a wheelchair, with his four kids beside him.

The event at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church was for Mrs. Carter, who passed away at 96 after having dementia. Their son, Chip Carter, said she was like the “glue” for their family.

President Joe Biden, ex-President Bill Clinton, and First Lady Jill Biden were there. All four living ex-first ladies were there too, a rare thing since 2018. Ex-Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama couldn’t make it.

People talked about Mrs. Carter, saying good things. The event brought together important people from different parties, showing how much people liked and respected Mrs. Carter. It was a time to remember the 77 years of marriage the Carters had, which is the longest ever for a president.