Appalachian State’s interesting extra time win finished up James Madison’s unbeaten streak with a conclusive last-minute score.

In a nail-gnawing confrontation, Kaedin Robinson turned into the legend for Appalachian State as he barely crossed the objective line, getting the triumphant score in extra time against beforehand unbeaten and eighteenth positioned James Madison. The last score remained at 26-23 for Appalachian State.

The emotional new development unfurled when James Madison, flaunting a 10-1 record (6-1 Sun Belt), started to lead the pack in extra time with Camden Wise’s fruitful 25-yard field objective, putting them ahead 23-20. In any case, Appalachian State had a reaction prepared.

On a pivotal third down from the 8-yard line, Appalachian State’s Joey Aguilar conveyed an exact pass to Robinson. Making a noteworthy catch at the 5-yard line, Robinson displayed great nimbleness, breaking two handles prior to venturing onto the objective line for the game-dominating score. The power existing apart from everything else arrived at its top as Robinson, sadly, failed to keep a grip on the ball after the triumphant score.

This undeniably exhilarating triumph not just denoted the finish of James Madison’s unbeaten streak yet in addition set Appalachian State’s flexibility and assurance in a hard-faced conflict on the field. The game’s last minutes will without a doubt be recognized as a characterizing section in the season for the two groups.